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Kiyote Locke Journal of Living, my Life, and Technology gone wrong

15th October, 2007. 2:33 pm. Furry Day Care

Just applied to a furry day care..

I hopes i get the job..

K. Locke M. W. 

Current mood: bouncy.

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14th October, 2007. 6:45 am. Home Electronics Marketing

I have a few comments on marketing..

1.  ET for Atari could've been saved,.. if they would've just added a bike sprite somewhere in the game.  No matter what happened in the game, if you at least got your hands on a bike,.. you would've been able to be satisfied and say you completed the game.  Even as a cut scene with no interaction, it would've at least been eye candy enough so people would've liked the game.

2.  UMD discs went sour.. gee.. i wonder WHY..
...........People love shiny things,.. they love coins, they love mirrors.. they love things that are round.. and... why did they put a case on the mini CD's?  People love to stack things, and when you put a CD in a wrapper, it loses the classification of a CD and becomes a CARTRIDGE....... sheesh..    If they wanted cartridges.. they would've bought a DS..  PLUS, ... marketing would've made a killing re-selling new UMD miniCD's, and even UMD miniCD resurfacers to take away the evil scratches people would've left handling them the way they should've been.  People like to hold their CD's, and scratch them, and cover them with fingerprints.. it makes them real to them.. why take away that joy.. ??  People WANT to watch their movies skip when they mishandle them.. it lets them know other brand new movies are FRESH.. and clean.. and .. you can tell how old it is from the amount of wear and tear.  With perfectly preserved UMD cartridges.. you don't get any of those joys.. so.. sadly.. of course they tanked in the marketplace.

BTW,.. i plan on making a fake bike scene for ET as a gag.. and making it an animated GIF.. just to see what the cherry on top should've looked like.. * evil laughter.. *

K. Locke M. W.

Current mood: mellow.

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